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Edge2 by F51

F51 just released a new UT2004 Fragmovie called Edge2. It is one of the better edited UT2004 movies in general, and combines nice frags with good looking (without getting in the way) effects and synchronisation. You can either watch it on youtube or download the original here.

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UT4 Bio Rifle Prototype Revealed

On this week’s stream the current prototype for the bio rifle was revealed. Primary fire now shoots goo that does not stick to walls. Instead it slides forwards for a bit before coming to a halt. One can still accumulate goo by shooting at existing puddles of goo. Holding primary fire followed by secondary fire will result in rapid firing small pellets of goo.  Secondary fire still creates the usual blob we all know from the other Unreal series. Now you can create traps by building a web using the link gun, connecting different goo blobs together. These webs will...

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UT2004 nwCTF 10th Anniversary Cup with €500 Prize Money

In October the people from MLUT are organising a UT2004 nwCTF with €500 in prize money. The format of the cup is a draft cup, where individual players sign up. Players can also sign up as a captain, who can create a team. Every player is assigned a salary based on his skill level.  Every captain can then buy players to create his team. You can find the latest details on the cup page.

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UT4 Pre-alpha Movement Overview

Zaccubus (@Zaccubus on Twitter) dived into the UT4 pre-alpha version and provides a nice overview of the current movement in UT4. You can visit the youtube link to get an overview of the different moves and the timestamp in the clip.

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igmdb.org – A Frag Movie Database

IGMDB.org is a similar to imdb.org, the famous movie database, but applied to frag movies. Unlike previous frag movie websites, such as owned, movievault, ownage, etc, this website also stores the original files, instead of just providing a link to a mirror. Everyone can upload a fragmovie, which will be mirrored by igmdb.org. The website also provides support for the major streaming websites, such as youtube, dailymotion and vimeo.

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UnrealNorth is looking for help

Almost half a year ago we launched a new website that improved several aspects of the old version of the website. Unfortunately, the site still needs improvement, and we need your help to do it. Unreal Tournament 4 is being created, and I would this site to be the forerunner of reporting on competitive Unreal Tournament. We are looking for the following people: Writers who follow the Unreal scene actively and can write English fluently. Currently, tournaments are not being reported on actively, nor are there much updates regarding the development of UT4. A graphical designer that can “Unrealify” the...


ESL UT2004 Summer Cups

ESL has announced their summer cups for Unreal Tournament 2004. They have both a duel cup as well as a 2on2 TAM cup. The signups are open until the 3th of August, while the tournaments start at the 10th of August.