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UT3 Movie: Unreal Power

Unreal Power is a fast paced UT3 movie made by SavagE. Unreal Tournament 3 is lacking some decent movies, but this one surely delivers. It’s only 2:36min long, but it keeps you on the tip of your seat for the complete movie.

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Unreal Tournament 4: Make Something go Boom!

Epic has presented the programmers (note the double m) of the community with one of many challenges, namely “Make Something go Boom!”. We are looking for someone, an individual or a group, to take the current UT Weapon prototypes and build them in native C++ using the new weapon system. These include the Flak Cannon, the Rocket Launcher, the Stinger, the Enforcer, the Linkgun and the Shock Rifle. Where need, fill in the blanks by making the weapons work exactly as they do in UT3. We are looking for someone, an individual or group, to prototype and build the remaining...

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Epic will livestream about the future of Unreal Tournament on May 8

According to tweets made by Mark Rein and Paul Meegan Epic will host a livestream on their  twitch account to discuss the future of the Unreal Tournament series. This stream takes place on the 8th of May at 2PM ET (which is 8PM CET). Nothing more is known, so we’ll have to wait until then to find out what all the fuzz is about.

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UMFC: Live Overview

As appears to be down we will do the cup organisation on this page. Throughout the day you should find the games that have to be played, as well as the results. Note that every team should be in #unrealnorth and be easily recognisable.

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UnrealNorth Mixed Format Cup Schedule

This Sunday the UMFC takes place. The format of the tournament will be 4 rounds of Swiss, followed by a top4. For those who do not know how a Swiss tournament works: each round teams with the same number of points are paired against each other (and you are paired against a random team in the first round). As a result your opponents will become more equally skilled as your own team as the tournament progresses. The advantage over using the typical double elimination is that your team is sure to play 4 rounds, and cannot be sent packing early....

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UnrealNorth’s Mixed Format Cup

We are proud to announce the UnrealNorth Mixed Format Cup (from here now on known as UMFC). This cup will take place on  Sunday 13th of April.  The UMFC will combine 2on2 TDM with 1on1. The brackets will be played during the day, and the finals during the evening. The Format and Rules A match will be a best out of three (meaning the first team to win 2 maps wins the match), where the first two maps will be played as 2on2, and the decider map (if needed) will be 1on1. During the day the 2on2 maps are predetermined, while teams...

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Epic Games has no plans for a new Unreal Tournament

Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, recently stated during the Game Developer Conference (GDC) that Epic Games have no plans for a new Unreal Tournament (source) . Epic just released the Unreal 4 Engine to the world, providing a cheap licensing fee when one wants to develop games using the engine. In order to sway Epic Games to work on a new UT, a petition has launched that you can also sign. But it looks like we will be stuck with the current UTs for the moment.

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ESL announces Spring Cups 2014

The Electronic Sports League have announced their Unreal Tournament 2004 tournaments for this spring. The available tournaments are 1on1 and 2on2 TAM. Signups are open until the 13th of April. You can find the complete announcement, including signup links, here.

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Unreal 4 Engine to run in the Browser

The Mozilla Firefox Youtube channel recently uploaded a small clip showing the Unreal 4 Engine running in their browser. The new Engine will support both OpenGL and WebGL rendering. The first one should enable the engine to run on the three major operating systems, namely Windows, OSX and Linux. The latter means that in-browser support is also available, and running at almost the same performance as its OpenGL counterpart. The possibility of having an in-browser game that can compete with QuakeLive looks very promising. You can find the Youtube video in the full article.