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UnrealNorth is looking for help

Almost half a year ago we launched a new website that improved several aspects of the old version of the website. Unfortunately, the site still needs improvement, and we need your help to do it. Unreal Tournament 4 is being created, and I would this site to be the forerunner of reporting on competitive Unreal Tournament. We are looking for the following people: Writers who follow the Unreal scene actively and can write English fluently. Currently, tournaments are not being reported on actively, nor are there much updates regarding the development of UT4. A graphical designer that can “Unrealify” the...

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A Fresh Start

UnrealNorth has been around for ages, and it has been a very long time since both the layout or the underlying code was changed. Today we launch the latest version of our beloved site. The main focus of the site has not changed: it provides the latest information regarding Unreal Tournament, provides a platform for discussion between players and a place to find old friends that have returned to the game. So what has changed?