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UT2004 nwCTF 10th Anniversary Cup with €500 Prize Money

In October the people from MLUT are organising a UT2004 nwCTF with €500 in prize money. The format of the cup is a draft cup, where individual players sign up. Players can also sign up as a captain, who can create a team. Every player is assigned a salary based on his skill level.  Every captain can then buy players to create his team. You can find the latest details on the cup page.


ESL UT2004 Summer Cups

ESL has announced their summer cups for Unreal Tournament 2004. They have both a duel cup as well as a 2on2 TAM cup. The signups are open until the 3th of August, while the tournaments start at the 10th of August.

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UMFC: Live Overview

As appears to be down we will do the cup organisation on this page. Throughout the day you should find the games that have to be played, as well as the results. Note that every team should be in #unrealnorth and be easily recognisable.

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UnrealNorth Mixed Format Cup Schedule

This Sunday the UMFC takes place. The format of the tournament will be 4 rounds of Swiss, followed by a top4. For those who do not know how a Swiss tournament works: each round teams with the same number of points are paired against each other (and you are paired against a random team in the first round). As a result your opponents will become more equally skilled as your own team as the tournament progresses. The advantage over using the typical double elimination is that your team is sure to play 4 rounds, and cannot be sent packing early....

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UnrealNorth’s Mixed Format Cup

We are proud to announce the UnrealNorth Mixed Format Cup (from here now on known as UMFC). This cup will take place on  Sunday 13th of April.  The UMFC will combine 2on2 TDM with 1on1. The brackets will be played during the day, and the finals during the evening. The Format and Rules A match will be a best out of three (meaning the first team to win 2 maps wins the match), where the first two maps will be played as 2on2, and the decider map (if needed) will be 1on1. During the day the 2on2 maps are predetermined, while teams...

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ESL announces Spring Cups 2014

The Electronic Sports League have announced their Unreal Tournament 2004 tournaments for this spring. The available tournaments are 1on1 and 2on2 TAM. Signups are open until the 13th of April. You can find the complete announcement, including signup links, here.

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Sateca-only Tournament coming up

In order to promote and test their updated version of Sateca, is organizing a 1on1 Sateca only Tournament. The tournament takes place on  Sunday the 2nd of March at 19:00. Signing up for the cup can be done using the Cluex’s forums. Registrations close at midnight on Saturday, 1st of March. The tournament will be a standard double elimination tournament. This means you start in the winners bracket. Once you lose a match you are dropped to the losers bracket. Once you lose a game in the losers bracket you are out of the tournament. At the end, the winner...

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UnrealNorth Cup Announcement

During the Easter Holidays we will be hosting an UT2004 tournament. The tournament will take place in the weekend of 12 and 13 April, depending on the number of registrations. In case enough people register the group stage will be played on Saturday. The brackets will take place on Sunday afternoon, and the finals take place on Sunday evening. In case the number of participants is not high enough everything would take place on Sunday.