announces details of the UT2004′s 10th anniversary cup

The details of the longly awaited UT2004′s anniversary cup tournament have been announced. The cup will take place between the 21st of July and the 24th of August. A total prize pool of $2500.00 is available.


The schedule looks as follows:

  • Sign-ups opened: 05.07.2014 (Saturday) at 20:00 CET over here.
  • Sign-ups closed: 19.07.2014 (Saturday) at 23:59 CET
  • Group-stage begins: 21.07.2014
  • Group-stage ends: 10.08.2014
  • Playoffs begin: 11.08.2014
  • Frag-contest starts: 25.08.2014 (Monday) at 20:00 CET
  • Frag-contest ends: 28.08.2014 (Thursday) at 20:00 CET

Frag Contest

A frag contest will be held. Players can submit frags they have made during the tournament. People can vote for the best frag, and the winner will get €50.00


To ensure a proper split up of different skill levels 6 divisions will be created. Foremost, division 0 contains old school heroes that used to dominate the scene. There is a special division for our NA friends so they too can play with a reasonable ping. There are 4 divisions for the European players. The prize money is divided as follows:

  • Division 0 (in total: $700) => 1st: $350; 2nd: $210; 3rd: $140
  • Division 1 (in total: $700) => 1st: $350; 2nd: $210; 3rd: $140
  • Division 2 (in total: $400) => 1st: $200; 2nd: $120; 3rd: $80
  • Division 3 (in total: $200) => 1st: $100; 2nd: $60; 3rd: $40
  • Division 4 (in total: $100) => 1st: $50; 2nd: $30; 3rd: $20
  • Division NA (in total: $100) => 1st: $50; 2nd: $30; 3rd: $20


Coverage will be done by conX5, who previously covered the UnrealNorth Mixed Format Cup as well as the Sateca cup, and Zaccubus.

:us: conx5 at
:uk: Zaccubus at &


More Information

You can find more information on


Announcement Video


I have been playing Unreal Tournament for over 10 years (or more if you count little me playing UT99 on my mother's laptop). I have been contributing for this site for over 8 years, and have been the main administrator for the last couple of years.

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2 Responses

  1. ShX ShX says:

    Notable signups: ACo-, astz!, cart!m, d3itY`, danny, devilmc, ecko, Falcon, Madjar, Frantic-, GoHLinK, ioX, kiLLzA, LaVak3, primus, ScrMz!*, skAven, stab1lo, ziLL.

    The sign-ups period finishes on Saturday at 23:59 CET. Don’t hesitate and join the biggest UT2004 event in the recent years (prize-poll wise [$2500] and by the number of participants entered in [so far 117]). You can sign-up over here:

  2. ShX ShX says:

    Division 1 mass-streamings on theirs way! Wednesday (23.07.2014) brings us fascinating 3 shows!

    Starting with group B match, Frantic vs stab1lo at 16:00 CET streamed over
    Afterwards, we are moving onto group D to follow m1No vs Naut match! This one starts at 18:30 CET over &
    In the end, around 20:00 CET, we will have an opportunity to watch a fight between skAven and asc over &

    We highly recommend you joining #cK.ut channel at QuakeNet for updates about those matches or following others, which get organised spontaneously.

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