announces new version of DM-Sateca-CE2

DM-Sateca-CE2 is a 1on1 map that has been used mostly in’s competitions. It will also be used in the upcoming UnrealNorth cup in April and the tournament taking place later this year. Now, announces that they are working on a new updated version of the map named DM-Sateca-SE. So far, a whole range of bugs have been fixed, as well as several gameplay improvements. They are asking the community for further input to make the map even better. You can download the new map and leave your feedback on their fora.

This is the full list of changes that was made:

  • Added triggered sounds
  • Added metal surface sound for stairs and ramps
  • Added environmental sound effect support (EAX)
  • Added zone naming
  • Added secondary player starts for Team Deathmatch
  • Improved and fixed collisions (walljumps now everywhere possible)
  • Improved and fixed lighting coronas (including corona occlusion)
  • Improved bot pathing (jump spots)
  • Improved performance of emitters
  • Improved position of water puddles
  • Fixed some missing trim static meshes
  • Fixed one fan which was not rotating
  • Fixed elevator wait time and sound
  • Fixed blurry preview screens when using low world detail settings
  • Fixed skybox in shark area
  • Fixed texture alignments

This is a great opportunity to check out the map and to leave useful feedback to ensure that the map can be used for further UT2004 tournaments.



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