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    This topic should keep you updated on what changes I make on the site. I’ll try to keep this somewhat up-to-date.


    • Change colour scheme so it is a bit darker. Not sure about this, some people like it, some do not. My guess it will just take some time getting used to it.
    • Make the preview image of a post a bit smaller. It’s possible it will be smaller automatically once a second post is added
    • Add country flags to the user.
    • Implement personal messaging between users.
    • Set up automated backups.
    • Make IRC bot that spams #unrealnorth when a new news item is created.
    • Limit length of righthand side topic names etc so that they appear on a single line?


    • Changed recent replies on the right so it is consistent with recent topics
    • Added recent files on the lower right. They do not make much sense at the moment since all the files are were added at the same time.
    • Changed colours of the forum administrative bar (the bar that says ‘edit’ etc) so that the text is actually readable
    • Made the preview text of a news item longer
    • Installed plugin so you can quote and reply to other comments


    • Changed ride hand side so that it just shows topics ordered by recent replies or created
    • Showing number of replies on the right hand side


    • Fixed Polls plugin (now it actually works…)


    • Uploaded several movies that were missing (not really development, oh well)
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      Finally got the DNS working so old.unrealnorth.com now points to the old website

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