igmdb.org – A Frag Movie Database

IGMDB.org is a similar to imdb.org, the famous movie database, but applied to frag movies. Unlike previous frag movie websites, such as owned, movievault, ownage, etc, this website also stores the original files, instead of just providing a link to a mirror. Everyone can upload a fragmovie, which will be mirrored by igmdb.org. The website also provides support for the major streaming websites, such as youtube, dailymotion and vimeo.

The site also supports a live demo renderer for Team Fortress 2, Quake 3 and Enemy Terrority. One can upload a demo which gets converted by igmdb.org, and is uploaded to youtube or a downloadable video for donaters. Currently, a renderer for Unreal Tournament is not supported yet.

The site currently contains 19 UT3 movies, and users are encouraged to upload movies for any Unreal Tournament.

3 Responses

  1. skie skie says:

    Good initiative. Will have a look on that. Actually I started to update links on own-age. :))

  2. PissedNumlock says:

    I have stopped using own-age after it was down for quite some time. Was a huge fan of it though, loved to browse Quake movies :p

  3. skie skie says:

    Hmmm, registered there, uploaded Attack the alpha. It’s a bit time confusing thing to register so many movies.
    Got a google drive storage for 83 gigs of gamer movies. :D

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