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Edge2 by F51

F51 just released a new UT2004 Fragmovie called Edge2. It is one of the better edited UT2004 movies in general, and combines nice frags with good looking (without getting in the way) effects and synchronisation. You can either watch it on youtube or download the original here.

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UT2004 nwCTF 10th Anniversary Cup with €500 Prize Money

In October the people from MLUT are organising a UT2004 nwCTF with €500 in prize money. The format of the cup is a draft cup, where individual players sign up. Players can also sign up as a captain, who can create a team. Every player is assigned a salary based on his skill level.  Every captain can then buy players to create his team. You can find the latest details on the cup page.

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UnrealNorth Cup Announcement

During the Easter Holidays we will be hosting an UT2004 tournament. The tournament will take place in the weekend of 12 and 13 April, depending on the number of registrations. In case enough people register the group stage will be played on Saturday. The brackets will take place on Sunday afternoon, and the finals take place on Sunday evening. In case the number of participants is not high enough everything would take place on Sunday.