UMFC: Live Overview

As appears to be down we will do the cup organisation on this page. Throughout the day you should find the games that have to be played, as well as the results. Note that every team should be in #unrealnorth and be easily recognisable.


  • Silent Hill: Cold-M, Gummi
  • dn9wki: Naut, F51
  • ô_0: CalumOr, hWnd
  • cK: ShX, RDK
  • France: ACo-, lwlf and skl

Round 1: Rankin and Akbal

  • France (2) – (0) Silent Hill
  • bye - ô_0
  • cK (0) – (2) dn9wki

Round 2: Campgrounds and Compressed

  • France – bye
  • Silent Hill (2) – (0) cK
  •  ô_0 (1) – (2) dn9wki

Round 3: Goose and Rusing

  • France (1) – (2)  dn9wki
  • cK – ô_0
  • Silent Hill – bye

Round 4: Campgrounds and Ages

  • France (2) – (0)  ô_0
  • cK – bye
  • Silent Hill (0) – (2) dn9wki

 Round 4bis: Goose and Rusing

  • ô_0 (2) – (0) Silent Hill
  • dn9wki – bye
  • cK – France



The finals will be between dn9wki and France. The format will be a best of 5, where the first 3 games are played as 2on2 TDM. Each team gets to pick one map for the 2on2, while the 3rd 2on2 map is chosen via elimination (similar to the selection of the 1on1 maps during the qualifiers). If needed the 2on2s will be followed by 1on1 games, where each team may pick one map. The finals are played at 20:00 and can be viewed on conX5′s stream. The 1on1 games can be played by the same player.

Update: Finals are won by team France in 4 maps. Demos will be posted later.


conX5 has started streaming this tournament. You can find his stream here. The finals of the tournament will be played at 21:00 this evening.

You can find the videos on conX5′s youtube channel: .


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