UnrealNorth Cup Announcement

During the Easter Holidays we will be hosting an UT2004 tournament. The tournament will take place in the weekend of 12 and 13 April, depending on the number of registrations. In case enough people register the group stage will be played on Saturday. The brackets will take place on Sunday afternoon, and the finals take place on Sunday evening. In case the number of participants is not high enough everything would take place on Sunday.

We see a couple of options for the format: either we do a regular 1on1 or 2on2 tournament, or we make it a mixed tournament. Obviously the option of having 4on4 would be great, but we fear we would not have enough teams this way. The mixed format would be teams of 2 players, where 2 maps are played as TDM, and the decider map is played as 1on1. For TDM each team selects a map they want to play. For 1on1 the map is decided by elimination, and the team that has the highest frag count may decide who eliminates a map first.


Maplist 2on2

  • DM-Rankin-FE
  • DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E
  • DM-Goose-2k4
  • DM-AkBal2k4-SE
  • DM-Ages
  • DM-Compressed
  • DM-Rusing

Maplist 1on1

  • DM-1on1-Roughinery-FE
  • DM-DE-Ironic-FE
  • DM-1on1-Lea-ESWC-2k5-SE
  • DM-1on1-Reverse
  • DM-Sateca-CE2

We tried to balance the map pool between popular (one might even say overplayed) maps, some old but forgotten ones and a newer map. The most important thing to notice is the lack of Rankin in the 1on1 map pool. We feel that there are better maps suited for 1on1, and that Rankin will already be popular enough in the TDM games.


We try to cover as much games as possible. This means we will provide UTV, and a stream on twitch.tv as well. Unreal Tournament has not been that active on twitch.tv, and hopefully we can introduce some players to the game this way. We are looking for someone that wants to shoutcast (or even better take care of the twitch.tv side with commentary). If you are interested do not hesitate to send us a message.

Prize Support

We are currently in the process of applying for several sponsorships. More details will follow when we are closer to the tournament date. We do not expect much, but some cool things like mousepads are certainly within the realm of possibility.


What Gamemode do you prefer for the UnrealNorth Tournament?

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I have been playing Unreal Tournament for over 10 years (or more if you count little me playing UT99 on my mother's laptop). I have been contributing for this site for over 8 years, and have been the main administrator for the last couple of years.

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11 Responses

  1. mRd mRd says:

    Mixed Format ftw!

  2. ziLL ziLL says:

    nice initiative ! the website looks nice aswell

  3. nite nite says:

    1vs1 unless a pro drags me to victor in 2vs2!

  4. Organ_ic. Organ_ic. says:

    I could mixed, but I suppose that noone will take into team guy who did not played competitive for many years :/

  5. PissedNumlock says:

    Just come and play some games in #tdm.pickup. You should be able to find a teammate once people see that you are active.

  6. ACo- ACo- says:

    mix cup is an awesome idea ;) i hope it will count many signups!

  7. PissedNumlock says:

    well I can filter the poll votes to see whether people have voted multiple times :p

  8. Pyth0n says:

    Where does one sign up? xD
    Sounds fun! I’d be happy to participate in some TDM/MIX if I succeed in convincing a teammate in LeAd-206.

  9. PissedNumlock says:

    Registrations and additional details will follow once we get closer to the actual date.

  10. Prajm Prajm says:

    This sounds like awesomness, am in!

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