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Almost half a year ago we launched a new website that improved several aspects of the old version of the website. Unfortunately, the site still needs improvement, and we need your help to do it. Unreal Tournament 4 is being created, and I would this site to be the forerunner of reporting on competitive Unreal Tournament. We are looking for the following people:

  • Writers who follow the Unreal scene actively and can write English fluently. Currently, tournaments are not being reported on actively, nor are there much updates regarding the development of UT4.
  • A graphical designer that can “Unrealify” the current looks of the site. You have complete freedom what you want to do with the site. Given the graphics I can put them into CSS, but I cannot come up with a proper design myself.


If you are interested do not hesitate to leave a reply, contact me at pissednumlock@unrealnorth.com or send me a message on irc.

As a random side note, not many people seem to know we have a twitter account that is also being used to tweet some minor news items. You can follow us at http://twitter.com/UnrealNorth.



I have been playing Unreal Tournament for over 10 years (or more if you count little me playing UT99 on my mother's laptop). I have been contributing for this site for over 8 years, and have been the main administrator for the last couple of years.

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