UT2004 nwCTF 10th Anniversary Cup with €500 Prize Money

In October the people from MLUT are organising a UT2004 nwCTF with €500 in prize money. The format of the cup is a draft cup, where individual players sign up. Players can also sign up as a captain, who can create a team. Every player is assigned a salary based on his skill level.  Every captain can then buy players to create his team. You can find the latest details on the cup page.


Players can sign up by making a post in the following topic. Do not forget to provide all the necessary details so that a proper salary can be assigned to you. You can sign up until the 5th of October.

If you would like to sign up as a captain you can do so by posting in the captain’s topic.


The tournament is being sponsored by both Razer and Kingston HyperX. The prize money has been collection using donations via Paypal. If you want to donate to the prize pool you can do so following the instructions in this post.


If you do not feel like playing but you would still like to be contribute, the organisers are still looking for people that can do coverage. This means streaming matches, shoutcasting, writing reports and interviews etc. You can contact the administrators on Quakenet in the following channels: #SaintClan and #TheCTFCup


If you are not convinced yet the organisers also made this cool promo video:


I have been playing Unreal Tournament for over 10 years (or more if you count little me playing UT99 on my mother's laptop). I have been contributing for this site for over 8 years, and have been the main administrator for the last couple of years.

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