UT4 Bio Rifle Prototype Revealed

On this week’s stream the current prototype for the bio rifle was revealed. Primary fire now shoots goo that does not stick to walls. Instead it slides forwards for a bit before coming to a halt. One can still accumulate goo by shooting at existing puddles of goo. Holding primary fire followed by secondary fire will result in rapid firing small pellets of goo. ┬áSecondary fire still creates the usual blob we all know from the other Unreal series. Now you can create traps by building a web using the link gun, connecting different goo blobs together. These webs will stay around much longer than the usual blobs. Walking through the web will cause the connected blobs to explode.

Check out the youtube video to see the bio rifle in action.


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5 Responses

  1. nite nite says:

    not sure if stupid or just incompetents

  2. nite nite says:

    and why im the only person visiting un ?

  3. PissedNumlock says:

    dnno nite, because ppl stopped visiting 4 years ago :p

  4. mylargo says:


    Looks like the doctors equipment

  5. Organ_ic. Organ_ic. says:

    I like that idea with bio trap, but those sliding sludges are terrible O.o

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